5 mistakes in losing weight.

That feeling when your goal is to lose some weight but the struggle is real, you go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week, eat your greens, drink water but nothing seems to happen. You get frustrated and think you’re the only one on this planet who’s not able to get fit, so you decide to wave the white flag because you have a difficult body and being fit is not written in your stars. WRONG! It’s all just a mind game because we’re all able to get in the best shape of our lives as long as we work for it, consistently.

In my three years of experience I helped and coached a lot of different people and the funny thing is that they almost all made the same mistakes without even knowing. Before you’re jumping into conclusions it’s a good idea to first double check some of the below points.

  1. Spending too much time at the gym

Believe it or not, more sports does not guarantee you a fit and healthy body. I see so many people going to the gym without having any clue what to do, so they just start doing some random exercises and some cardio. Besides that, the one thing a lot of people seem to miss is the fact that more sports requires more food. Your body can’t go strong if it doesn’t get enough fuel to build with. You might want to check your daily eat pattern first before you start to workout more than normal. It’s very necessary that you eat according to your fitness plan and your goals. The saying “80% nutrition – 20% workout” and “abs are made in the kitchen” are no myths. I myself have six to seven eating moments a day. You might think it’s a lot but it’s very essential to keep my muscle mass and my result. It’s all about creating a habit that becomes a part of who you are. I might wright a blog about my “eat timeline” later to give you a better picture of this.

2. Skipping meals

Depending on how many times you workout a week, you need to keep up with your metabolism. Your metabolism slows with age so be careful when you start cutting calories to lose weight. It’s very important to eat enough! Skipping meals will slow your metabolism and you will never be able to reach your ultimate goal. I always compare my body with a fire. You can’t burn a fire without wood. The same goes for your body. You can’t burn calories if there is nothing in your body to burn in the first place. Instead, your body will start to eliminate muscle mass and bye bye results! If I would skip some of my snacks during the day, my body would look completely different. I would have that “skinny fat” body instead of a fit and toned one. The choice is yours.

3) Unbalanced diet

Than there’s this thing about what and not to eat. What you put in your body throughout the day depends on what you start your day with. It’s essential to have a good balance in carbs, proteins and a regular planning to eat. I highly recommend not to wait any longer than 2 or 3 hours in between a meal or snack and to never skip one. It’s essential for a fit and healthy body to eat at regular times. For those who just started with their fitness journey, turn on an alarm to make sure you don’t forget to eat your snacks. Try to eat more organic food and always include proteins, they are essential to maintain lean muscle.

4) Cardio

A mistake many of us make, going to the gym to spend an hour on the treadmill. The thing is that you teach your body to eliminate fat the moment when you’re on the machine only. The key is to teach your body to eliminate fat even when you’re resting. This is the reason why I prefer training with weights and not cardio. Most people think the longer they run, the better. The danger is that you eventually will start to lose muscle mass when you don’t have enough knowledge about how and how long to run. From my opinion and experience it’s better to focus on weights and resistance workouts so you can start to build muscle mass and have long-term better results. Cardio is good for our general health but it won’t help to get our bodies in the perfect shape. Weights will give you the opportunity to shape your body as you wish, plus the more you focus on building muscles mass, the less the chance to gain weight in fat.

5) Consistency

It’s the main reason that keeps people from reaching their goals. Getting your body in it’s best shape requires time, patient, effort and consistency. You can follow the best plan, have the best coach, but if you’re not consistent nothing will change.
A lot of people get scared when they hear about a fitness or nutrition plan because it gives the impression that you need to cut off your social life. Don’t worry, that’s not the case at all. There are all sorts of fitness programs and diets, some are very strict, personal or demand a lot of dedication, it all depends on your personal goal. Always choose the plan that suits you best and is very realistic for you to start with. Find something that you like to do and  keep up with it. Results will come as long as you stay consistent.

Every body is different and needs a different approach. These 5 tips are very basic, yet very important. If you keep these 5 tips in mind and start to apply, you will see that your body will start to change.
Consistency will get you in your best shape, promised.

If you don’t feel like doing this alone or you don’t want to pay too much money on a personal coach, remember that you can always join our 30 days fit challenge and be part of our fit girls community to get you started and learn about all the basics you need to know.
30 days fit challenge

Now for once and for all, let’s get FIT!


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