Why KILLER ABS will get you in your best shape.

Only three months left until summer and it’s time to make the beach your catwalk. Still not having the results you expected? Still getting jealous when you see another fit person? No worries, three months is still enough to get your body in shape and killer abs is one of your best solutions.

Skip the hours doing just some cardio! On killer abs we focus on better burn during exercises. We have the perfect combination of lifting weights and exercises on personal body weight. Lifting weights has a lot of benefits but somehow a lot of women seem to get scared when it comes to this. No need to be because it’s one of the most effective ways to tone and shape your body without transforming your body into a muscle machine. Training with weights will help to burn even more calories and will get you in shape faster (even when you put your body at rest).


Dealing with some loose skin after your weight loss? On killer abs we focus a lot on “time under tension” (TUT). This refers to how long the muscle is under tension during an exercise. If you want tighter skin this is one of the things that can help you. It’s important do to these kind of exercises very slowly and with repetitions. The burn is real!

Not to forget all the support, motivation and energy you will get from this group. Some people quit their fitness program just because the lack of motivation and support. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, what you look like, what your goal is, if you’re joining us to be your best self you will have the whole group in your corner cheering for you. This is where we stand for and people with a negative vibe and bad attitude will simply not be tolerated.


Quitting is no option. In this group we cheer harder for the last set than for the first. Just so you know, we’re not a random social club, we’re here to make a difference. All committed to get in the best shapes of our lives, all for one, one for all. At killer abs people share their personal results and stories which will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals as well.

Looking forward to get started?
We’re ready for you every monday from 19h30 – 20u30.
For more info you can always follow our Facebook page:
Get fit with Michiel & Cinzia

Let’s get FIT!


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