This is what happened to my body after 3 months of summer focus.

In all honesty, after the summer madness I’m always a little bit less strict on myself but that doesn’t mean I start to disrespect my body. I still workout at least once a week and eat healthy of course, but I treat myself a little bit more than usual which is totally fine and so normal too.

I always start my summer focus after all the food overdose from the holidays. Nothing to do with the “new year new me” resolutions, I just know that my body needs about 3 months to get back 100% in it’s best shape. 3 months indeed and I can imagine that for some this seems kind of long, but my plan is build in that kind of way where it is very easy to keep up and where I don’t feel that I’m missing things out. I’m really not into diets and strict fitness plans and I love my weekends with friends and family where of course food and drinks are always served. So it takes me a little bit longer because I’m always focussed on long-term results.

So here’s what I did. As mentioned before in one of my previous blogs, I created my own fit plan because nothing seemed to work for me, or I never put in the work could be a possibility too… oops.
I started mid January with my 30 days fit plan with full focus and 100% consistency. You can have the best plan in the world but if you don’t stick to it, it won’t work and that’s the main reason why most people never get the results they would like to have. You can never expect to get results if you only put in the work the days you feel like it.
My plan is very simple but it really works!
I have my power breakfast, I do my daily 7 minute cardio and strength workout, I drink my water and detox tea, I follow my daily meal plan which you can find in our fit plan that you will get as soon as you start the 30 days fit challenge yourself and I workout 2 to 3 times a week. You can find all my workouts and summer challenges in my “Fit with Cinzia” FB group by the way.

Let’s say I was pretty shocked when I saw my result after only three months. I did nothing really crazy because like I said before, I love my weekends that come with a lot of food and drinks. The main reason why I have this result is because of my consistency. I never start something half! When I say I will, trust me I will!



From left to right:
Mid January, end of February, today.

I shaped my body like how I wanted it. The summer challenge I followed was “Abs & Booty” and I’m very very happy with the result, I’m 100% ready for summer!
Now to keep my result it’s even more simple because in these 3 months I taught my body to burn fat even in rest and this is probably the biggest benefit of this challenge. It made a big difference to how my body looks and reacts on nutrition and fitness today.

So it’s up to you, fit or jealous this summer? It’s still not too late, you could start today!
Dare to set yourself as a priority and just go for it. If I can, YOU can!!
Start my 30 days fit challenge now.

Can’t wait for summer to begin!



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